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Ticket Information Released For EB Expo 2017

EB Expo BannerEB Games has released information regarding their ticket prices for the upcoming EB Expo this year. There have been some pretty drastic changes for this year’s expo, including a venue change, a reduction in session days and the complete removal of “Express” access.

In 2017, the 6th EB Expo will be hosted at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre where it originally launched back in 2012. Compared to the previous event located in Olympic Park in Sydney, this is a smaller venue with only a 6000 person capacity (according to Wikipedia). Along with this downsize comes the removal of the Friday session and the weekend split day sessions so now you can game without an afternoon interruption.

This year there are 3 types of tickets available:

  • General Admission Saturday $49.95
  • General Admission Sunday $49.95
  • Ultimate Gamer Pass $449

Possibly the biggest surprise and most welcome change is the removal of the Express Gamer Pass which gave a limited number of higher paying customers access to an express line which shortened wait times by up to 75%. As reported by Progress Bar earlier this week, the changes to this year’s EB Expo could be related to the recent financial struggles EB Games as a company has had throughout 2016.

The tickets for EB Expo will go on sale on March 24th, with a 24hr early bird offering for Level 4 EB World members and previous expo Ultimate Gamers. Across the weekend of March 25th and 26th, EB World members will be able to purchase tickets at EB Games stores as well as online at