The Game Expo Exhibit Hall Map and Schedules

The Game Expo

With just two days to go until the first “The Game Expo” the show runners have finally released the exhibit hall for attendees to check out prior to arriving at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 11th of March. Alongside this are the various tournament and panel schedules for the event, which appear to be finalised a little before the exhibit hall map was released. There has been some doubts online that this expo was going to go ahead come crunch time but from the looks of things here, it looks like everything is ready to go!

Recently posted on The Game Expo Website, you can see that part of the MCEC has been split up to accommodate for various events, free play areas, artists to show of their latest creations, and tournaments which will run throughout the weekend.

The Game Expo map appears to have a good split between the four themed zones of the event which correspond to the coloured buttons on the Game Expo logo so it’s easy to find your favourite activity. There’s also appears to be the option for a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) ticket which will allow you to show of your awesome PC and play some games with friends while you’re there.

  • Red – Tournaments – Community and Competitive Esports, Console and PC Live tournaments, and stage events with prizes.
  • Yellow – Expo Hall – Tech and Gaming Brands Explore new games and tech at exhibitor booths, try demos, and complete event quests.
  • Blue – Creative – Show your love of gaming Meet your favourite streamers and content creators, witness amazing cosplay and live performances, and discover the talent of fantastic artists.
  • Green – Free-play – Everyone is welcome to play. There’s fun free-play all over the show, with special zones for console and PC play as well as a dedicated tabletop gaming zone where you can learn to play from the free library of board and card games, join tournaments, and more.

To go along with the recently released map, we also have the various schedules for the weekend so you know where you want to be and when. These have also been released on The Game Expo website and just like the map, the schedules have been split up into the four expo colours and cover a broad range of games depending on personal tastes. There’s also some creative showcases on display which include Speed running discussions, Cosplay Competitions and Community Creation discussions.

With this being the first fully fledged expo from this team at The Game Expo, it’ll be interesting to see how this weekend goes. I’m sure there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this a reality, and it will be good to see what the team will learn from getting this together. I’m also excited to see how they’ll improve in years to come. We will be covering the expo as well so check out our video review a little later once we’ve returned from Melbourne!