Check out this new trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth that I will absolutely not be watching

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth - Sith

Square Enix has today published a brand new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. The game is a little over a month away, releasing on February 29th, 2024, and so there is simply no way in hell I will be watching this trailer.

But please help yourself!

Having recently got the platinum trophy for 2020’s Final Fantasy VII: Remake, I am personally extremely excited to play this game. Everything we’ve seen so far suggests Square will once again be firing on all cylinders. From the trailers I have dared to watch it seems Rebirth will be just as fleshed out and wonderfully reimagined as the first part of this remake project. Indeed, as this game will cover the parts of the original that open up into a world map, it will be very interesting to see how they handle that openness with modern graphics and gameplay.

Yuffie got a lot of characterisation in the DLC Episode Intermission for Final Fantasy VII: Remake, but we didn’t get to see her she will end up joining Cloud and the rest of the gang. Her combat style was tied specifically to the supporting character of the DLC, Sonon, so I’m curious about how she will integrate with a larger party in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

The new screenshots below give us a look at Cait Sith and Yuffie in combat, as well as Elena sporting her Turk uniform. We also see the military parade at Junon and the ship to Costa Del Sol. I am thrilled to see they’ve given Yuffie, a literal teenager, a belt and asked her to button her shorts after they were inexplicably unbuttoned in Episode Intermission.

That’s about it from this media blast. We’re probably going to get a launch trailer in the weeks leading up to the game coming out, which I will not watch even more than this one, but hey maybe I’ll post about that too.

Until then!