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Flat Earth Games announce Metrocide


From the creators of TownCraft, Flat Earth Games have announced their second game, titled Metrocide.


Metrocide is a stealth-action game, where you play the character of T.J. Trench, a notorious contract killer in a futuristic city filled with people who want you dead. Flat Earth Games explain that as Trench, “you’ll have to deal with gangs, vigilantes, security cameras an fascist cop drones as you duck and weave throughout the city seeking your next mark. You’ll tool up with a variety of guns and bombs, but it won’t make your job much easier. The city is out to get you, and the only way forward is paved with blood.”


Director for Flat Earth Games, Leigh Harris mentions that Metrocide is “kind of a sanity project for us” and that “we’ve been working on an all-inclusive game for such a long time now. And sometimes, well, you kinda just need to shoot someone with a futuristic shotgun.”


All that futuristic shotgun goodness in Metrocide will be available during the middle of the year for PC and Mac. More information about Metrocide can be found on the official site or Twitter account.