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Australian Gaming Community supports Movember


Another year of furry faces for a great cause

The Australian Gaming Community readies itself for another year of furry faces. If I could grow more than 3 decent hairs on my baby face, I would indulge myself in an epic moustache. But seeing as I cannot, these wonderful gents are doing it for us and we here at Progress Bar would like you guys to help them in their journey.


This year, the guys are getting back together for another charity drive. They explain:

There is a special time of year approaching. It is a time of year when people forgo fashion for a good cause. It is a time where facial fuzz is no longer the sign of a hipster or a hobo but evidence of a person supporting a good cause. This time of year is Movember and The Australian Gaming Community is once again looking to support a great cause and look suitably hairy while doing it. Movember for those that don’t know is an international charity that encourages men everywhere to grow a moustache for the month of November in support of men’s health charities such as Beyond Blue and prostate cancer research.

In 2011, games writer Matt Hewson started the AGC Movember team as a result of his godfather being diagnosed with prostate cancer. “I just wanted to raise a little money to help out someone I care about”, said Matt. Little did he know that the AGC Movember team would become the massive fundraising force it is today. In the last two years the team has raised over $20000 in support of Men’s health issues. “When I started the team I was hoping we might raise about $2000. Boy was I surprised when we passed that total before Movember had even officially started. It just goes to show the amount of amazing people in the gaming community that are willing to do there bit for a good cause.”


Matt and his right hand man Damian Cavanagh are back for 2013 and are aiming for a third successful year of fundraising. They are looking for people, both old and new, to join the AGC Movember team. “We want people to simply get involved. It doesn’t matter if you can raise $5 or $500, there is a place in the AGC Movember team for you” explained Matt. Of course you don’t have to be able to grow a mo to help out. “We have had quite a few female members in the past. These Mo-Sistas have been super helpful in fundraising, organisation and of course mocking our hairy lips.”


So if you have the urge to help our friends Matt, Cav and the AGC Movember crew, you can join the team HERE and you can also follow their exploits on Facebook or Twitter.


Good luck guys!