A Perfect Sequel – Rogue Legacy 2 Video Review

The original Rogue Legacy was an engaging mix of randomly generated dungeons, Roguelite mechanics and a vast array of enemies to fight along your travels through the sprawling 2D levels. Developed by a small squad out of Toronto, the team at Cellar Door Games created an endearing and challenging experience that tested player’s patience and rewarded you for progressing through generations of failure.

The ability to pass on various traits to your next of kin was a unique gameplay feature that allowed the player to feel like not all was lost on death. While the gameplay was fast paced, you could feel a sense of progression as the early game slowly became easier over time and you came up against more difficult challenges.

After two years of Early Access Development, Rogue Legacy 2 promises a brand new artistic approach, a revamped biome generator to increase the randomness and more… everything with no two characters being the same! The developers have dubbed this a perfect blend of Rogue Legacy… and a sequel.

So, does this game have that special sauce that a sequel needs to exceed its predecessor, or will we regret our life choices by ordering the special sauce on a sketchy 2am Kebab? Let’s bite in and find out together!

My name is Kochie and this… is Rogue Legacy 2!

Review code provided by myself via Steam.