It’s Been 84 Years! – PAX Aus 2022 Video Review

PAX AUS 2022 - Review Banner

PAX Australia has been running for 9 years with 8 in-person shows since 2013 and a PAX Aus “Online” event in 2021. The yearly convention has everything from the latest AAA games, Tabletop areas, Cosplay competitions, community meetups, Tech leaders showing off their latest hardware, a vast array of panels from industry leaders, and a whole section dedicated to independently developed games! Some of which, are developed right here in Australia.

After 3 long years of the world being on fire, the fine folk at Reedpop and Penny Arcade decided they would bring PAX Australia back to the people and 2022 was the year for it. Gamers, Cosplayers, Dice Rollers, and more returned in masses to the front door of the biggest celebration of gaming in the Southern Hemisphere. 

With almost 500 events separated over the three day event, exhibitors galore with goodies a plenty, and an indie section that spans the entire width of the main hall, It was set to be the best PAX Australia yet. Or so it would seem!

My name is Kochie and this… is PAX Australia 2022!

A Media badge to PAX Australia 2022 was provided by The PAX Aus PR Team. Thanks!