Dark Souls 2 (PC) – Video Review

Previously I reviewed the epic that was Dark Souls 2 on console because I couldn’t hold in my excitement and had to dive into it head first with the rest of you Darksoulians. Now that the extra month has passed I could finally upgrade to the PC version and boy, what an upgrade. I’ll talk a little bit about it here but for my full thoughts check out the video above.
Dark Souls 2 is an RPG from Japanese developer, From Software, who have a knack for creating games that most players find damn near impossible while at the same time creating a massive cult following from those brave souls who persist through death after excruciating death. The original Dark Souls sat firmly in the ‘too hard’ camp for a heap of gamers until about 6 months ago, where a lot of people sat down, told their families they loved them and got lost in the experience that is Dark Souls.
Much like it’s original counterpart, Dark Souls 2’s story can be described as obscure at best. You will have to read into every piece of dialog and even item descriptions to possibly gain a grasp about what’s really going on. For those who go the distance and work out what’s really happening are rewarded with something that makes a lot more sense.

Dark Souls 2 screenshot
Praise the Sun

PC players are rewarded with a constant 60fps experience, a more vibrant colour pallet and the ability to downscale 4k resolution (with a little bit of tweaking). With all of these upgrades in place you would think that this would increase the load times but no, in fact they have been severely reduced. With the amount of fast travelling you will likely do in Dark Souls 2 it’s refreshing to see it take a matter of seconds to load back into the area you were previously in.
If you haven’t picked this beast of a game up yet then all of us at Progress Bar recommend the PC version. You don’t need thousands of dollars of equipment to make it run well and for the upgrade we are glad that we waited.
Rating 9/10