Busy Gamer Review – Dark Souls 2

Are you finding less and less time available to sit down and play some good old fashioned video games these days? With the average video game player being over the age of 30, things like full time jobs, family commitments and the likes are becoming a much more important use of our time.


But that doesn’t mean there aren’t occasions where the stars align and we, the busy gamer, are treated to some precious screen time with our old friend, the video game. Progress Bar veteran and all round good bloke, Barry, is one such ‘busy gamer’ – hard working by day, loving husband and father by night, but still a gamer at heart. So he’s come up with a novel way of reviewing a game, we’ve called it The Busy Gamer review.


This time, Barry has managed to snaffle some screen time to take a look at Dark Souls 2. Will it suit the busy gamers out there? You will have to watch to find out…


If you have a game which you think works for busy gamers, make sure you let us know in the comments below and Barry will do his best to get some time with it.