Video: Gunpoint, the Stealth Puzzle Platformer

UK PC Gamer editor Tom Francis appears to have the stealth puzzle platformer market cornered with his excellent indie game Gunpoint.


In Gunpoint you play as a freelance spy, who takes jobs breaking into corporate buildings to steal items and data.


The above video shows off some of the core gameplay mechanics, including the use of projectile trousers and the crosslink. It also shows me stuffing up terribly and getting shot in the head, so that’s good.


The game itself is a lot of fun, but it’s the wonderfully complex narrative and moody sound design that really helps Gunpoint stand out.


While the campaign can take around three hours to complete you can always replay any of the previous missions and experiment with different tools and strategies. There’s also a mission editor for those creative types that can be shared with others.


The games is currently on Steam, but you can also find it here.