Rainbow Six Siege – Preview


There have been a good number of chances to check out Rainbow Six Siege with the online closed beta and EB Expo each offering slightly different experiences. The tactical shooter is the next installment in the long running rainbow six series now incorporating a multiplayer only experience. Will this change the direction of the series and will the community be able to keep the game going?

With the online beta being out for the last week or so, the closest available server was in the US which meant 200 ping for a lot of the Aussie’s that I ended up meeting online. This unfortunately creates a sub optimal experience when you are 1 bullet between life and death. For me this changed the game somewhat and I had to predict what would be waiting for me around the next corner. Hopefully this will be updated in the released game.

At EB Expo the experience felt vastly improved. Being able to run the game within a LAN environment with people on your team in close proximity increased the amount of communication that our team used. With this in mind we could effectively take or hold the objective when it was needed. The increased team proximity made for an overall better experience which could be a hindrance in an online only, team based game.

The requirement for voice chat is a must and when half the people on your team could be muted and the other half might not want to listen to your orders then the team falls over and the advantage is lost. This is something that needs to be worked on for the full release but could be ultimately unavoidable.


Taking a step back from communication the game looks amazing and even more so at night. The gun models are detailed and everything gels into the experience. Having the options for various insurgent organisations is also a nice touch of realism and you could coordinate a full team of SAS specialists complete with MP5K’s for the upcoming task.

You also unlock different classes as you level yourself up, giving you access to special weapons and equipment that could help turn the tides of a tough situation. For example, there is a perk which drops addition flak jacket armour for the team which could change the outcome of a 1v1 fight. It’s these added levels of customisation that allows the experience to grow and hopefully there is the correct balance implemented in the long term of the game.

Weapons handle precisely as they should and each have their advantages and disadvantages. The controls and mechanics intertwine well and allows for the precise and tactical experience Ubisoft are advertising Rainbow Six Siege to be. There is also a breadth of equipment options at your disposal. Everything from breach charges to razor wire and tactical grenades allow for a variety of offensive and defensive options.


My only worry with this game is that to be successful in your missions you will probably need that team of 5 friends to carry out your objective. Maybe 1 or 2 good teammates will able to pull it off together but that might not be the case 2-3 months after the game has been released. Either way, I’m excited to see what will come of Rainbow Six Siege when it releases. I had my fair share of heart pounding moments during the beta and if its anything to go by then the launch product will be just as good.

Be sure to check out Rainbow Six Siege when it breaches stores on December 1st 2015 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.