Progress Bar Podcast – Episode 31

Episode-31-PodcastOn Episode 31 of the Progress Bar Podcast, New game announcements, Dark Souls 3 crash issues and derailments a plenty (you have been warned). I was joined again by Mr Quincjy so bother him as much as possible on Twitter and Youtube.

Download the Progress Bar Podcast – Episode 31 (37mb)


Dark Souls 3 crashing issues on launch

Titanfall 2

Attack on Titan

Gears of War 4

What have we been playing?


  • Battleborn Beta
  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • Miitomo
  • Stardew Valley


  • Dark Souls 3
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Dark Souls 3

Production notes: Intro/outro music was supplied by Teknoaxe. This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.