PAX Aus 2013

Getting In and Around Melbourne for PAX Aus


PAX Australia is approaching fast, with gamers from all across Australia and the world heading down to Melbourne. So here’s our guide for those who may be unfamiliar to the public transport system there.


1. Skybus


You’ve just arrived at Melbourne Airport and you’re wondering what is the most effective way to get into the city. Cab? No.


The Skybus shuttle service runs between Melbourne Airport and Southern Cross Station in 10 minute intervals, and operates 24/7. Adult fares are $17 one way and $28 return. Tickets can be purchased from outside Terminal T1 (Qantas) and Terminal T3 (Virgin Australia), with boarding outside any terminal (T1-T4). Skybus also offer a hotel transfer service at no extra charge.


2. Myki



Get yourself a myki. It’s a reusable smart card which allows you to use the public transport system around Melbourne, including trams and trains. A myki can be purchased + topped up from any 7-Eleven or train station within the city.


3. Knowing Which Train/Tram Will Get You to PAX



Public Transport Victoria (PTV) have provided the following information with regards to getting to PAX:


Trains – To the Showgrounds

Special trains will run from Flinders Street Station to the Showgrounds, stopping at Southern Cross and North Melbourne stations.


From Friday to Sunday, special trains will run:

  • every 20 minutes between 8am and 10.40am
  • every 40 minutes between 10.40am and 12pm noon


If you want to travel to the Showgrounds after 12pm, catch a train to Newmarket Station on the Craigieburn line. You can then catch a Route 57 tram and get off at Stop 32, a short walk from the Showgrounds entrance.


Trains – From the Showgrounds

Special trains will run from the Showgrounds to Flinders Street Station, stopping at North Melbourne and Southern Cross stations.


On Friday and Saturday, special trains will run:

  • every 40 minutes between 6.20pm and 10pm
  • every 20 minutes between 10pm and 11pm
  • every 10 minutes between 11pm and midnight


On Sunday, special trains will run:

  • every 10 minutes between 5pm and 7pm


If you want to leave the precinct before the first train departs Showgrounds Station, catch a Route 57 tram to Newmarket Station and connect with a Craigieburn line train to either Craigieburn or the city.


Tram Services

Extra trams will operate as Route 57a between Stop 1: Flinders and Elizabeth streets and Stop 33: Epsom and Union roads via Elizabeth Street, Flemington Road, Racecourse Road and Epsom Road.


Other Useful Information (Mana Bar)


The Mana Bar is located at 336 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and will be open over the PAX weekend. To get there, take Tram No. 112 from Collins Street and get off at the intersection of Brunswick and Johnston Streets. From there, head north on the right-hand side of the road. The bar is actually quite discrete in view, but a handy way to find it – if you’ve passed Fretted Instruments, you’ve just missed it by one shop.


We wish all gamers travelling to Melbourne for PAX Australia a safe trip. Let us know if there’s anything more we should add!