Xbox One First Wave of TV and Entertainment Apps


Microsoft have unveiled the first wave of TV and Entertainment Applications that will be available on the Xbox One console at launch. As Microsoft have always stated, they want more entertainment options to be available to Xbox customers and to look to continually make these available. Obviously with things that are Third Party (I’m looking at you Netflix…), not everything is available in Australia due to their restrictions.


Microsoft has noted that in addition to delivering live TV in every market where the Xbox One will be sold, they are also bringing a few premium voice and gesture controlled TV and entertainment apps that are specifically designed for your living room. These applications have been built from the ground up specifically for the Xbox One and are designed in such a way to harness the power of the all-in-one platform. As a neat little nifty example, Xbox One is empowering its partners to bring media achievements, exclusive Snap experiences as well as many other things to these Entertainment applications, offering everybody the opportunity to achieve badges or rewards for the media they utilise in addition to gaming.


The Xbox One console offers the unique system of being able to bring together your favourite TV channels and entertainment app channels into one screen. It is also the only games and entertainment system that enables HDMI pass through, which is a great addition. Connect your 360 through the Xbox One and play both through the same system? Sure why not. You will also have the facility to create your own personal favourites in OneGuide (the Xbox One electronic program guide) so as that you can quickly and easily choose what you are in the mood to watch. Think of it like Foxtel or Austar but utilised in a much larger environment.


Below will show the very first wave of entertainment apps that will be roll out on Xbox One in Australia between 22 November at launch and Autumn 2014:


  •  – Crackle
  •  – Machinima
  •  – MUZU TV
  •  – Network Ten’s tenplay
  •  – Quickflix
  •  – SBS On Demand
  •  – TED
  •  – Twitch


This is just the first wave of third-party apps that are coming to the Xbox One over the next few months. As time goes by, Xbox will continue to announce more and more apps coming to the platform, along with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 app portfolios continuing to grow. Of course, in addition to the above entertainment applications, every market will also include the following on each console:


  •  – Xbox Fitness
  •  – Xbox Video
  •  – Xbox Music
  •  – Internet Explorer
  •  – Skype
  •  – SkyDrive
  •  – Upload


With games, multiplayer gaming, live TV and the best entertainment apps, Xbox One is the most complete entertainment system!


Xbox One releases in Australia on 22 November 2013.