Xbox One Dashboard Video

Xbox On.


That is the catchphrase that will become most used in loungerooms/bedrooms around the world come November 22nd. Why? Because that’s the date the Xbox One is released to us humble minions. By now, mostly everyone has seen at least one video of someone showing off the Xbox One in action and sure, we’ve seen glimpses of what it’s like to turn it on for the first time, some official video from Microsoft themselves that show us the fast-paced possibilities of this next-gen platform, but we’re yet to see a detailed look at the new Xbox One Dashboard… Until now.



The above video introduces a Mr. Archie Earnest who is our tour guide for the new Dashboard, and is most definitely eager to run through and showcase as many menus and functions as he can in the 1:30 clip. Even though there is only a glimpse of what is possible for this system, you can use your own imagination to decide just how these features can be used in a real life situation and how you, as an individual, will utilise them best. Join a game session, record clips of your gameplay, launch a movie, answer a Skype call, the list is endless and the above video only shows us the basics of what we can do.


If, like me, you’ve been in love with the Xbox Dashboard since it’s humble beginnings as a set of blades, to the point of its current Metro UI and using Live Tiles, you’re going to really love the layout. Sure, it’s similar enough to the current Xbox 360 Dashboard, but it’s a hell of a lot more familiar for those who are using Windows 8 or a Windows 8 Smartphone.


Xbox Off.


Sourced from Game Trailers.