Victory Studios likely shuttered, Command & Conquer reboot cancelled



Bad news, long time Command & Conquer fans: the multiplayer focused reboot slated for later this year has been cancelled.


Perhaps even more troubling than the cancellation of the soon to be released title was the startling revelation of the likely shuttering of Victory Games, seemingly confirmed through the tweets of now former employees.


Formerly known as BioWare Victory, Victory Games was formed exclusively to work on the new Command & Conquer reboot, designed from the ground up to be a solid, free-to-play e-Sports competitor. First announced in 2011 as Command & Conquer: Generals 2, it suffered a difficult development process undergoing a complete shift in focus away from the solid single player experience first promised.


In a statement made on their website, Victory Games stated that they were “not making the game you want to play” before deciding to cancel the release. Whilst it is disappointing to see a game cancelled so soon before its intended release date, it is encouraging that the developers were actively listening to the community, and chose to not release a poorly made product, rather than rushing it to market. Refunds are now being offered to customers who spent money in the alpha stage of the game.


Whilst there is no official confirmation on the shuttering of Victory Studios, it is a sad day in the industry nonetheless.