Unravel Launches Today

After its highly received reveal at E3 2015 and being one of our favourite upcoming titles, EA have announced that Unravel is out today on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Unravel is a unique physics-based puzzle platformer centered around a tiny, endearing character named Yarny. Small in size, but big in heart, Yarny is a positive force in a world filled with life’s challenges.

Coldwood’s Creative Director, Martin Sahlin explains more about the design philosophy behind Unravel, saying “I wanted to make something more personal, something with more impact”.

“The game didn’t have to change the world, or even try, but it had to be genuine, it had to have a deeper meaning. It had to have heart.”

Yarny begins tethered to something important at the start of the game and goes on an adventure riddled with challenges, attempting to make it to the end without unraveling. With a mixture of easy and complex challenges for the player, the game also allows for a more personal player journey as EA explain that Unravel “is all about connection – physical and emotional”.

Unravel is a story of love and mending broken bonds; a story of courage and persistence made only more vivid through the perspective of Yarny’s small size in a sometimes big and overwhelming world.

The environment in which Unravel is set is inspired by the nature of northern Sweden, where the game was created.

Unravel can be purchased as a digital download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or via Origin for PC for $29.99. EA Access members on Xbox One and Origin Access members on PC will receive 10% off their purchase. More information about Unravel can be found on the official site.

We had the chance to check out Unravel at E3 and PAX Australia last year. Have a read of our preview article.