Ubisoft’s Offerings at E3 2018

Ubisoft has started off their conference in Ubisoft style with a musical performance and introduces Just Dance 2019.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

A new cinematic trailer has been released for Beyond Good and Evil 2. With starships and explosions a plenty, the trailer introduces a possible villain in Jade from the first game in the series. Major characters have been detailed now and it helps to flesh out the universe a little better. Pre-alpha gameplay footage has also finally been included. You will be able to fly ships, boost through the air using

Space Monkey program – People to contribute music, artwork and creative works to allow them to be apart of the design process of Beyond Good and Evil 2. They have partnered with a third-partner company called “HitRecord” and they brought Joseph Gordon Levitt on stage to talk about the program.

More details at BGFest in the fall (Australian spring)


Trials: Rising

More Trials is always a good thing! Looks like there is going to be up to 8 player competitive modes, all crashing in style and getting back up again. New iconic locations and new works within the Trials community. New Trials tutorial content to help newer players learn the trickier details of the game.

Available February 2019 – PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Closed Beta – Register Now –


Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2

Developed by Massive Entertainment, these two new cinematic trailers show off the various states of stability and ruin that have existed since the outbreak in Washington DC. Three signature classes have now been introduced that center around particular play style and allow players to synergise together. Up to eight players will be able to team up and defeat end game foes. Raids are coming! Three DLC packs post launch are planned for year one and they will all be completely free.

Post conference show will include a 30 minute gameplay demo.

Coming soon to PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure

The live band “Critical Hit” introduces a new crossover project between the Mario and Rabbids universe. The cinematic trailer shows off the various locales and levels the characters will be exploring together.

Available 26th of June 2018 on Nintendo Switch


Skull & Bones

Piracy is Dead? Long live piracy! A new cinematic trailer has been released for this new pirate adventure. Gameplay is also shown off during the presentation. Gear out your ship with an onslaught of weapons and figureheads. Plan out your attacks and use deception to thwart your enemies in one swift barrage of cannon fire.

Team up with your friends and take down tougher foes with superior weapons and tactics. Then betray them and steal their ill-gotten booty. Ship classes with special abilities also allow you to mix and match your team or arsenal.

Check out a gameplay trailer:


Transference VR

With Elijah Wood, co-founder of Spectrevision on stage, the game is introduced. A mix of live action and cinematic visuals create a psychologically thrilling experience. Escape a corrupted mind and overcome the experience.

Available Fall 2018 (Spring in Australia)


Starlink: Battle for Atlas

A toys-to-life style game where you can quickly mix and match your ships items by switching physical parts on your ship. StarFox will also be included in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Mr Miamoto from Nintendo was also in the crowd and was given the first prototype version of the StarFox player ship.

Available October 16th 2018 on PS4, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch


For Honor: Marching Fire

Warriors of the Wu Lin faction attempted to establish order out of the chaos of the Chinese civil war. Four additional fighters from the Chinese Dynasty, cosmetic items and more will be added in this expansion. A new, 4 v 4 medieval castle siege mode called Breach will also be added to the game.

16th October 2018 Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Starting June 11th – June 18th, For Honor Starter Edition will be free to download.

Check out this gameplay trailer:


The Crew 2

A Rendered in-engine trailer shows off the latest The Crew 2 has to offer. Control cars, bikes, boats and planes in a seamless online experience.

Available 29th June on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Open Beta is available from 21st June and you can pre-load it now.


Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Set in Ancient Greece, The fate of of the nation journeys with you as the battle between order and chaos continues. Developed for the last three years, Ubisoft Quebec has attempted to create a fully fledged RPG Adventure.

Multiple characters are available are available to choose from the start of the game and continue on throughout the adventure. Truly interact with history like never before and speak to historical figures like Sokrates.

Available 5th October 2018 on  PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Check out this gameplay walkthrough:  

Conclusion and thoughts

I feel like Ubisoft came out swinging this year. While they did have on-stage talking segments a plenty it kept a consistent momentum going throughout the show. Big titles were announced one after another and it was a pretty wholesome experience overall. I haven’t played a Trials game in years so it will be great to get back into rag-dolling riders over and over again.

Hopefully For Honor can bounce back again after it’s shaky start and bring the competitive hardcore fighter back into the limelight. After the conference finished there is a Division 2 gameplay going on right now which is making me excited for what’s to come. While there weren’t out of left field surprises, I’m excited for what’s coming this year and in the future from Ubisoft.

Next up, we have the PC Gaming Show at 8am AEST and finally the Sony Conference at 11am AEST to wrap up day 3 of E3.