The Next-Gen Launch Titles are Here!


Today we have a list of games that have been confirmed for launch day release on the Next-Gen consoles:


PS4 Exclusive:
• DriveClub
• Killzone: Shadow Fall
• Knack
• Octodad
• Warframe
• The Witness


Xbox One Exclusive:
• Dead Rising 3
• Forza 5
• Killer Instinct
• Kinect Sports Rivals
• Minecraft: Xbox One
• Project Spark
• Ryse
• Skylanders: Swap Force


• Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
• Battlefield 4
• Call of Duty: Ghosts
• FIFA 14
• Madden NFL 25
• NBA Live 14
• Watch Dogs
• Need for Speed: Rivals


This seems like a good variety of games for everyone to pick up if they decide to buy a console on launch day. Even without the backwards compatibility, it’s a decent list to look at. 2014 also has some big titles to release, such as Mirror’s Edge, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Destiny and many more.


Both consoles will be released this holiday season with the PlayStation 4 priced at $549 AUD and the Xbox One priced at $599 AUD.