Steam Summer Sale Has Begun


It’s that time of the year again where our wallets get butchered to death, as the summer sales have started on Steam.


The sales have begun with quite a number of notable titles on special:


  •  – BioShock Infinite: $39.99 USD (50% off)
  •  – Left 4 Dead 2: $4.99 USD (75% off)
  •  – Hotline Miami: $2.49 USD (75% off)
  •  – Dark Souls Prepare To Die Editon: $12.48 USD (75% off)
  •  – Antichamber: $6.79 USD (66% off)
  •  – Call of Juarez Gunslinger: $12.02 USD (33% off)


The summer sale is from 11 July up until 22 July. This year’s badge for the summer sale can be earned by obtaining Summer Getaway cards from purchases and trades through the sale.


Have you come across any good specials? Let us know!


*Titles listed above and prices correct upon posting article.