Razer Reveals New Gadgets at CES

Razer have revealed two new gadgets at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, USA.


The gaming peripherals company showed to the audience the Nabu smartband and a fully modular gaming system, titled Project Christine.


The Razer Nabu is a wearable wristband that delivers notifications from your phone, as well as it has the capability of accessing third party applications. Razer have listed the three core features of the Nabu below:


Notifications on Your Wrist

The Razer Nabu has two OLED notification screens – a Public Icon Screen and a Private Message Screen. The Public icon screen – located on the top of the wrist – notifies users of incoming calls, texts, emails and app updates via notification icons. The Private message screen – located on the inside of the wrist – provides detailed information of texts, emails, bio data and other updates that can only be viewed by the user.


Advanced Sensors to Track Data for Self Analysis

The Razer Nabu has advanced sensors for data tracking, including location information, bio data feedback (steps walked, distance traveled, stairs climbed, etc.), sleep data, band-to-band communication and much more, collected on an opt-in basis for users to better understand and adjust their daily activity. An included utility app can customize the type of data collected and can set permissions for the data to be shared.


The First Truly Social Wearable

The Razer Nabu’s band-to-band communication abilities allows for social discovery. Find nearby friends, mutual acquaintances and more based on user-defined settings.


Razer’s Project Christine aims to simplify the aspects of building PCs through a modular setup. All key components such as the CPU, GPU, memory and storage are all enclosed in modules and can be swapped out with ease, making upgrades and new builds a breeze. Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director, Min-Liang Tan says that “Project Christine is a new concept design that will revolutionize the way users view the traditional PC. This is the first gaming system that is able to keep pace with technology and could allow consumers to never buy another PC, or gaming system, again”.


“We have a history of bringing incredibly innovative concept systems to market and it’s fair to say that Project Christine is a very exciting new prospect for future development.”


More information on the Razer Nabu and Project Christine can be found on its respective official pages.