PAX Australia 2014 Tickets Go On Sale


Tickets for PAX Australia 2014 are now available online to purchase.


Pricing tiers remain the same as the 2013 event with Three Day Passes (including a new International Three Day Pass) at $150, to day passes priced at $55.


There are some big changes in play for next year’s event including a move to bigger digs and a new time slot. Organisers have promised that the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre will expand popular areas like the Tabletop Arena by “up to 50%”. Panels will also see some increased real estate, with theatre spaces at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre offering three times as much space. This better mean Joust will now take place in a dimly lit, empty warehouse the size of Docklands Stadium, with everyone on Segways.


However, organisers aren’t stopping at just making things bigger and therefore easier for attendees to see and do more. PAX Australia now takes places later in the year, after the PAX Prime and PAX East conferences.


For Victorians, the dates mean a welcome respite from crowds and the questionable hygiene regimes of strangers, in the form of The Melbourne Cup, a public holiday. For the rest of us, Halloween and PAX Australia converge on the same night, like a fearsome DARK SOULS hell beast! Oh wait, that’s just booking accommodation.


PAX Australia 2014 will occur from 31 October to 2 November 2014 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.