PAX AUS Panel Schedule, Expo Map and App are out NOW!

PAX AUS 22 - Panel Schedule

After 3 long years with the world being on fire, PAX Aus is finally making its triumphant return with an in person event. Gamers, Tech enthusiasts, Roleplayers and Cosplayers alike are gearing up to travel to Melbourne, Australia and enjoy three days of the largest celebration of gaming in the Southern Hemisphere. October 7-9th is coming up quickly and the organisers have given us the ability to plan our entire weekend ahead of time by releasing their panel schedule and official PAX Aus 2022 map. Alongside this they have released a PAX Mobile app which you can download for Apple or Android and have easy access to the daily Schedules, Maps, To-do Lists, Special Announcements and More!

The incredibly handy app can be downloaded here. Unlike the map on the website, this one is interactable and acts as a handy reference right in your pocket throughout the weekend.

If you want to have a browse of the events PAX Aus will have going on over the three day extravaganza, you can check out the web version of the schedule here. Also make sure you check out the map to see where your favourite area of play may be.

After browsing through myself, I’m most excited to see the “Pen Is Mightier Than The Joystick: Writing For & About Games” & “Working with Brands and What They Expect From Content Creators” panels with a lot of indie games mixed in to my weekend.

With almost 500 events separated over the three day event, Exhibitors galore with goodies a plenty, and an indie section that spans the entire width of the main hall, this is shaping up to be the best PAX Australia yet! I can’t wait!