Pandora Launches on Xbox One in Australia and New Zealand


Pandora Radio users will be happy today as Xbox One app for the service has launched in Australia and New Zealand.

The Pandora for Xbox One app features new display functions showing recently listened to stations and time spent on specific stations, along with a persistent mini-player which provides quick access to playback controls while browsing.

The app can also be controlled using Kinect Gestures and Voice Commands, and Xbox One listeners can Snap Pandora to the screen in order to simultaneously listen to Pandora and play a game.

Pandora ANZ’s director of business development, Rick Gleave, explains that Pandora’s main aim is “to provide audiences with the music they love, anytime, anywhere” and that “Pandora’s latest integration on Xbox One devices highlights how interconnected our home and lives have become”.

Jeremy Hinton of Microsoft Australia mentions that “we’re excited to add Pandora Internet Radio to the platform, a service dedicated to music discovery, giving our fans more choice than ever when it comes to streaming and discovering new music they love, in addition to watching and playing their favourite shows, movies and games.”

Pandora for Xbox One can now be downloaded from the Xbox Store. Will you be giving this a go? Let us know!