Nintendo’s Flop After Quarterly Report

Nintendo’s Wii U has been considered as the latest global gaming flop, with only 160,000 Units sold worldwide last quarter after the recent release of Nintendo’s quarterly report. The figures have shown that 90,000 of these consoles were sold in Japan, 60,000 for the US and a measly 10,000 for everywhere else.


The new console was even outsold by the Wii, which shifted 210,000 units globally during the same quarter up to the end of June. It’s a whopping great disaster for Nintendo, and I’m sure we are all wondering where this will lead next. The last Nintendo Direct which was posted at E3 stated all these new games will be coming out next year. It will be a long wait for what gamers really want, and it would seem that next year would have been a better date to release the console, as a few more games would be out to compete for sales.


Nintendo has blamed the lack of first party software releases for the performance. Nintendo has also added that it strives “to improve hardware profitability by reducing its costs”. So this could mean that we may be seeing a price drop in the not too distant future.


It’s good to see that the 3DS continues to perform well, at least, with hardware and software sales of 1.4m (up 12 per cent) and 11.01m (up 10 per cent) units respectively for the period.