Nintendo News Wrap Up – 4/10/2013


There has been a flurry of news from Nintendo. Let’s break down the announcements in this news wrap up.




  • The build up to Pokemon X and Y‘s release has been at a frenzied level  for some time now. A notable absence during this week’s Nintendo’s Direct was news about the 3DS Pokemon game — it seems they were saving some surprises after all. Mega Charizard X was revealed during the airing of the first episode of Pokemon Origins. Exclusive to Pokemon X, the mega evolution changes Charizard into a Fire/Dragon type with a distinct black and blue look.





  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was also discussed during the Nintendo Direct webcast, including a big shift in how you play the game. Traditionally, you would unlock weapons as you progressed through the dungeons. In the upcoming 3DS games, you rent weapons from a shop allowing you to play dungeons in any order you wish. Release date for European regions is slated for November 22.



  • Bravely Default from Square Enix was confirmed for European Regions by Mr Shibata during the European Nintendo Direct, with a December 6 release date. The game is an ode to  earlier Final Fantasy games and could look at home under the Crystal Chronicles moniker. It features an audio track in English and Japanese, which addresses a common complaint from JRPG enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the Nintendo of America feed showed off a collector’s pack for Etrian Oddyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl from publisher ATLUS. A venerated series, this version promises new gamers two games in one with a compelling story mode that will also appeal to veterans.