Nintendo Announces New 2DSXL Console

Nintendo 2DSXL-2

UPDATE: Nintendo Australia has released some additional information on the Australian release of the Nintendo 2DSXL. On June 15, the New Nintendo 2DS XL makes its debut in Australia and New Zealand for a suggested retail price of AU$199.95.

Completely out of left field, Nintendo has announced the latest version of their portable 2D console. The Nintendo 2DSXL features a folding design, Amiibo connectivity and a C-Stick which we have seen previously on the New 3DSXL that was released back in February 2015. Nintendo is also stating that this version of the console will have the same processing power of the New 3DS but with the tedious 3D features built in.

The New Nintendo 2DSXL is currently set to cost $150USD and will be released in America on July 28th. We are still waiting for information on the Australian release so sit tight for that and watch the announcement trailer below.