New Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Announced, Releases in September

Nintendo have announced a new Nintendo Labo Vehicle kit which is due to release on 14 September.

The kit contains materials to build a new set of Toy-Cons, including a Car, a Submarine, a Plane, a Pedal, two Keys and more. Insert one of the assembled Keys into any of the vehicles to enjoy a variety of fun games and activities.

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit includes its own Nintendo Switch software designed to work with the included Toy-Con building projects. Players can enjoy the fun of making each Toy-Con creation, playing immersive games with them, discovering how they work, and even inventing new ways to play. All materials needed to complete each Toy-Con creation are included – no glue, tape, or scissors required.

The kit will sell on 14 September for $99.95 RRP.  for Let us know if you’ll be picking one up!