New Characters Join Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo has recently unveiled some new content for Super Smash Bros. including two new playable characters. Ryu from the Street Fighter series and Roy from Fire Emblem both join Lucas from Mother 3 and Mewtwo from Pokemon as new playable fighters. Each character can be purchased for either the 3DS or WiiU games and you can purchase them for both systems at a slightly higher rate through the Nintendo E-Shop.

RYU (Street Fighter Series): Ryu joins the world of Super Smash Bros. to continue his quest to be the strongest, and he even brought his own stage! Enter his famous button combos to power up his special moves!

ROY (Fire Emblem): Roy, the Young Lion, makes a long-awaited comeback with a redesigned outfit! Use his talent for close-quarters battle to overwhelm opponents with powerful flame-based attacks!

LUCAS (Mother 3): Lucas, the boy with psychic powers, returns to Super Smash Bros.! Keep enemies where you want them with his tricky skills and Rope Snake, and then deliver a winning blow with his up smash attack!

I would have liked to have seen a chance to purchase all the characters at once in a bundle but it looks like Nintendo will keep them separate for the time being. With each character (including Mewtwo) costing $4.99 minimum for both systems it could mean that I might end up spending more on separate characters than on the game itself.

Check out all the available DLC: