Mount Panorama to be in Gran Turismo 6


With the announcement of Forza 5 including the legendary race track last month, Sony are also following suit, with Polyphony Digital announcing that Mount Panorama will be featured in Gran Turismo 6.


Posted on the PlayStation AU site, Gran Turismo creator, Kazunori Yamauchi mentions that “we are very pleased to be able to include Bathurst in our expanded selection of race tracks available in Gran Turismo 6”.


“Since its inception 15 years ago, Gran Turismo has listened to fan feedback and added extra features so that we now offer 1200 cars and 33 circuits from all across the world. It seems only right that the legendary Mount Panorama circuit is included as fans will now have a chance to drive one of the toughest tracks out there. Described by some as Australia’s very own Nürburgring, this is a formidable track that will provide an exciting new challenge for PlayStation gamers.”


With the track being a fan favourite, Mount Panorama has long-rumoured to be included in Gran Turismo 6 after developers from Polyphony Digital were seen taking photos around the track last year.


Gran Turismo 6 will release in Australia on 6 December for PlayStation 3. We’ve uploaded some screenshots of the track below, let us know what you think!