Molyneux’s Curiosity is Satisfied


It seems that 22Cans game Curiosity has come to an end.


Curiosity launched back in November 2012 and since then over 4 million players have downloaded and collectively destroyed 25 billion “cubelets” in a bid to see what 22Cans founder Peter Molyneux called a “life-changing” secret at the centre of its massive cube world.


“What’s in the centre is something only we can grant, and it is the ability to be a digital god,” he said. Furthermore, they will get a percentage of the money from every microtransaction completed in the game.


About 9 hours ago, Molyneux tweeted, “He has said he will share!!!!!!!!!” and the victor was revealed as one Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh who said he will share the video that was inside the cube with all of his followers.



Curiously enough I would like to see how Henderson will take up his role and what ramifications will impact on the design of the new title that was successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter last year. Godus is a strategy sim in the style of previous Molyneux games such as Dungeon Keeper with the player becoming a powerful deity and guiding a population of their followers.