Metrocide Goes to Early Access on Steam


Flat Earth Games have announced that their newest title, Metrocide is now available through Early Access on Steam.


Metrocide is a stealth-action game, where you play the character of T.J. Trench, a notorious contract killer in a futuristic city filled with people who want you dead. Flat Earth Games explain that as Trench, “you’ll have to deal with gangs, vigilantes, security cameras an fascist cop drones as you duck and weave throughout the city seeking your next mark. You’ll tool up with a variety of guns and bombs, but it won’t make your job much easier. The city is out to get you, and the only way forward is paved with blood.”


The game asks simple tasks of you – complete kills to earn cash and hit your target amount to exit each district – but there’s a catch: once a body is found or a witness reports your heinous activities, the new cop drones which are called in to patrol the area can never be removed. Screw-ups can’t be undone. This, combined with permadeath, makes the world of Metrocide unforgiving and the gameplay only simple in principle – asking ever more caution of its hero as the stakes get exponentially higher.


Above is a video walkthrough of the game which features Hilldale, the third and final zone of the game which Flat Earth Games mentions has the most complicated kills.


Metrocide is now available from Steam through Early Access for $6.99 USD. You can find the game in Steam here.