GTA Online Launches Tonight


Rockstar has announced that the online multiplayer section of Grand Theft Auto V will launch worldwide from tonight.


Posted on their Newswire site, Rockstar mentions that a title update for Grand Theft Auto V will be pushed out through PlayStation Network and Xbox Live from 9PM AEST, which will enable GTA Online.


We’ve received many questions asking for a specific confirmation of what exact time GTA Online will be available but of course this is contingent on both Title Updates becoming available on each console’s network. As a general timeframe, we do expect the Title Update to become available on PSN and Xbox LIVE starting around 7AM ET tomorrow morning, and your best bet is to stay tuned throughout the day here at the Rockstar Newswire and by following us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be keeping everyone updated.


Rockstar have also provided further details on GTA Online, explaining features such as home and garage security in the open world, fair play among players, a massive list of jobs and the character creation system (these details are explained here). It is also mentioned that the story is set a couple of months before the events of Grand Theft Auto V.


GTA Online is set to go live tonight on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at 9PM AEST.