GG EZ E-Sports Bar is Opening in Melbourne

GG EZ Bar - BannerThis August, Australia is getting its first dedicated esports bar in Melbourne. The GG EZ Bar will be a unique venue for the Australian bar and gaming scene featuring cocktails, restaurant-quality food and state-of-the-art screens showing esports competitions from professional gaming scenes around the world.

After gaming bars like the Mana Bar and Beta Bar popped up in previous years, the question that instantly comes to mind is will there be playable games at the GG EZ Bar? Luckily the owner Lachlan McAllister answered that question for us in their press release.

“We won’t be having playable games at the bar because I want to make a dedicated esports bar that’s closer in style to a cocktail or sports bar rather than a gaming bar. I truly believe that esports is a valid form of entertainment in its own right, much like traditional sports, and it’s time it gets its own venues. Doing this we can introduce as many new people as possible to the idea that watching esports is just like watching traditional sport and we think that tying it in with playable games at the bar inhibits its ability to be perceived as its own unique product.” – Lachlan McAllister

Showing all major esports, the GG EZ Bar will also pay special focus to niche titles to help them find a new audience while hosting meet-ups and events throughout the year. It hopes to become a permanent home to Australia’s ever-growing number of esports fans when it opens its doors in August 2017.

For more information check out their Facebook page.