Free trial weekend for Predator: Hunting Grounds announced

Predator - Hunting Grounds - Banner

PlayStation Australia has announced a trial weekend for the upcoming shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds.

The title comes from the developers behind Friday The 13th: The Game and presents a similar core premise. Four players roam the jungle as elite soldiers aiming to complete missions, take down guerrilla mercenaries and get to the chopper. Meanwhile, an additional player takes control of the ultimate killer and ugly motherf&%er – The Predator.

The hunter will be armed to the teeth with its trademark cloaking device, wrist blades, and plasma shooters, and its goals are simple. Eliminate the other players and collect their heads as trophies.

The trial will be available to PC gamers and PlayStation Plus members, and the hunting season will officially open at 3 am AEDT on Saturday, March 28, and run until 11 am AEDT on March 30. It will also offer Cross-play support.

If you ain’t got time to bleed, then you can wait for the game’s full release on April 24 2020.