Epiphany Games Announces New Title, Majestic Nights


Epiphany Games have announced their newest title, Majestic Nights.


The Sydney based development studio explain that Majestic Nights is an episodic role-playing-thriller set in an alternate 1980s where all conspiracy theories, past and present, are true. Players will use wits, stealth and sometimes even a little force to investigate, explore, and acquire ever more clues for their big string-covered wall of conspiracies.


CEO of Epiphany Games, Morgan Lean mentions that “What people don’t understand about the moon landing is that all the conspiracy theorists are totally correct”.


“People walk around knowing all the facts and yet not seeing the truth. So if the only way to package the actual reality of the situation is as entertainment, then it’s our responsibility to do exactly that!”



In the game, you play as Cardholder – an intelligence operative who may or may not have been present at or even responsible for many of the biggest conspiracy events in history. In addition to Cardholder, you also play as Cal – a humble Private Investigator whose own past is shrouded in secrets unknown even to herself.


Epiphany Games have also mentioned that Majestic Nights will start as Season One, with the season to be split across six chapters. The prologue to the series, titled “Chapter Zero – Sunset After Dark” will be free for all players with each following chapter being paid content.


Majestic Nights: Season One releases late 2014 on PC. More information on the game can be found from the Steam page or the official site.