The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Footage and ESRB

The Elder Scrolls Online

Another MMO I’ve been keeping my eye on for the past.. well.. since whenever the hell it was announced, is The Elder Scrolls Online. I have been a fan of all of the Elder Scrolls games for years, and while I’ve only touched on the older games (Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire and Redguard), the vast majority of my gameplay came with the release of Morrowind. When this game dropped, my brother and I spent countless hours running around, and to this day I think I have only ever completed the main story line once or twice. Most of the time we would run around and explore, find new areas, new things, new side quests and mostly just explore this massive world.


Whilst playing the others (Oblivion and Skyrim) as well and hearing about TESO, I knew exactly what I wanted. I like to think of myself as a conissieur of MMOs, I have played pretty much every single one that’s been released since WoW and have even gone back to play some of the older ‘before my times’ MMOs (Everquest, Ultima etc), just to see how they fare. So when TESO was announced and all the information started coming out, I knew I needed to have it.

The Elder Scrolls Online 2

A couple of days ago, Zenimax Online Studios released a little video outlining some of the ways you can participate in Group Content within the Elder Scrolls Online. It shows a couple of members of the Dev team playing through some different scenarios in the game world, and how you can interact with other players to take down world bosses or events. The video shows some great gameplay and a good idea of how the combat system works etc. Once again, just another reason why I really cannot wait for the launch of this game.


The other bit of information released was a tweet on the official Bethesda Twitter Account noting that the game had been given a Mature rating by the ESRB and while they don’t agree with the rating (which I tend to see as fitting if they follow suit with the other Elder Scrolls games with the use of things like Skooma etc.), they also don’t plan on changing any of the games content in order to achieve a different rating, noting that “the game we have created is the one we want our fans to be able to play.”



Really it’s not a huge deal, a mature rating will still get the attention of those who have played the story for years and (sadly) may only hinder new players who are younger. Still, it’s not a loss by any means and I cannot wait for 04/04/14! There is of course still more information relating to the Elder Scrolls Online which is mostly centric around the release of some of the Voice Actors participating in the game which is, to say the least, ridiculously amazing…