EA Offers Eight Titles for Humble Bundle


EA have contributed eight of their titles towards the latest Humble Bundle, with the proceeds going to charity.


The titles that can be purchased within the Humble Bundle are:


  •  – Dead Space
  •  – Dead Space 3
  •  – Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
  •  – Crysis 2 Ultimate Edition
  •  – Mirror’s Edge
  •  – Medal of Honor


In addition to the six titles listed above, paying more than the average price specified on the Humble Bundle site will also unlock Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 + Starter Pack.


Humble Bundles are sets of games where the purchaser can determine the amount they wish to pay. Originally created to promote indie titles, more recent Humble Bundle offerings have seen titles from the now-defunct THQ, as well as app bundles for Android and eBook sets.