EA Announces Battlefield Film Challenge Winner

EA Australia and DICE have announced the winner for the Battlefield Film Challenge.


Last Friday, 21 year old filmmaker Patrick Mazzolo was awarded the $10,000 grand prize for his short film, Battlefield: Take Point (which can be viewed above).


The judging panel consisted of four key developers from DICE who have worked on the Battlefield franchise, including:


  • Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director
  • Roland Smedberg, Senior Video Director
  • Aleksander Grøndal, Senior Producer
  • Alan Kertz, Lead Core Gameplay Designer


Lars Gustavsson commented on the competition, saying that “we were absolutely blown away by the calibre of short films that were submitted in the Battlefield Film Challenge.”


“It was incredible to see such diverse talent from our Australia and New Zealand fans, inspired by our game. On behalf of the entire team at DICE, we would like thank all of those who participated and of course congratulate Patrick on his well-deserved win.”


To take part in the Battlefield Film Challenge, entrants were asked to film a two to five minute video, utilising features found in titles within the Battlefield franchise (Battlefield 4, 3 and Bad Company to name a few).


Videos from the four finalists can be viewed below.


FOCUSED by Luke Mathews


Play Time Updated by Rob Hardy


Battlefield Noir by Luke Snadden


Types of Players in Battlefield by Rebecca White