Dota 2 Out of Beta, Officially Launches


It has been two years since the popular MMO was announced, and now Dota 2 has officially launched.


Announced by Valve yesterday, Dota 2 has exited the beta platform and is now readily available for all Steam users. Valve have commented on their launch strategy, mentioning that “Our thinking is that we want the existing audience to have uninterrupted access during the launch, in addition to bringing new players into Dota 2 in a way that isn’t frustrating. Simply put, we want to smooth out the traditional launch spike, but at the same time allow anyone to come in and try out Dota 2.”


In addition, Valve have also commented on the server preparations for launch:


“Dota 2’s user base is already larger than any game we’ve ever made, and it continues to grow. Knowing this launch moment was coming, we’ve spent the past year working on getting both the backend infrastructure and new user experience into a state where we can welcome in anyone that wants to give the game a try. With that work now complete, it is time for us to invite anyone and everyone to come play.”


Dota 2 is now playable for free through Steam. Valve have posted more details and information about the launch on the official Dota 2 site.


Here are some pictures below of the Dota 2 servers at the Luxembourg data centre: