Destiny Beta set for July?



Let me preface this news with stating I am a HUGE Bungie fanboi. I love the Halo series and everything that Bungie did with the game, completely redefining the FPS genre when it was first released. So it’s only logical that I am stupidly excited for their upcoming new IP Destiny, which I’m sure everyone has at least heard about.


Well, some news has dropped. It seems as though (according to Activision Blizzard’s most recent financial report) that the Destiny beta is set to launch in July, launching on the PlayStation 3 and 4 first. So if you’ve yet to pre-order to get your Destiny beta code, make sure you do so ASAP!


The game is also shaping up to be one of the most expensive ever created, with the development cost coming in at a whopping $500 Million. This figure comes from an interview with CEO Bobby Kotick as noted on Reuters. To be fair, the figure may be solid but it does include everything (marketing, packaging, infrastructure support, royalties, etc).


Destiny is set to drop on September 9th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Are you going to join us for an epic adventure?