Hearthstone’s First Adventure, Curse of Naxxramas Now Live

Blizzard have announced that Curse of Naxxramas, the first adventure to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now live.


Curse of Naxxramas introduces a new and optional way to play Hearthstone, along with receiving more cards! This single-player mode will test a player’s ability to build decks, adapt strategies, and conquer a host of creepy undead boss villains.
Players can select “Solo Adventures” in the Hearthstone menu to jump into the Arachnid Quarter, the first of the five “wings.” Each week, a new wing will become available, opening up opportunities to battle against more bosses and gain more cards. The fifth week will feature the final wing, Frostwyrm Lair, pitting players against two notorious bosses for the final reward.
Each wing of Naxxramas will have a varying number of bosses, with the promise of creepy new cards for each villain defeated. In total, players will receive 30 cards upon completing this Adventure. After players earn the cards in Curse of Naxxramas, they can be added to decks for Play (or Practice) mode.

CEO and Co-Founder of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Morhaime mentions that “Curse of Naxxramas introduces a whole new way to play Hearthstone” and that “Players of all skill levels will find plenty to challenge them within Naxxramas’s haunted corridors—and plenty of new options for their decks with the new cards we’re adding.”

Also being introduced in Curse of Naxxramas is “Class Challenges”. These challenges will test players’ skills by having them win a duel using a specific premade deck. If they emerge victorious, they will be rewarded with a Naxx-themed card (one of the 30 cards added with this adventure) for that specific class.
The first wing of Curse of Naxxramas — “the Arachnid Quarter” — will be free for a limited time. A new wing of Naxxramas will open each week, and access to these four additional wings may be purchased for 700 gold per wing or $8.99 AUD per wing. Players can earn the in-game gold needed to unlock the next wing by completing various quests, emerging victorious from the game’s Arena mode or they can choose to unlock the next available Naxxramas wing using real money.
This will be a great opportunity to break the current game meta and hopefully bring some power back into some underused classes. A lot of the new cards coming with Naxx seem to have a “Deathrattle” effect which could potentially set players up for some massive combos. A lot of players will have to change there current decks to include some extra silence effects to get rid of those pesky combos.
In my opinion the price for this content is fair for the amount of content you will be getting. It doesn’t take much to get the 700 gold needed to play the next wing. Just do a few quests or run an arena each day and save your gold rather than buying a few packs of cards.
If you feel like playing a few games against the Progress Bar pro, add me on (Koshie#1980)