Bohemia Interactive Hosts Arma 3 Sneak Peek Livestream


With E3 on the horizon, Bohemia Interactive are hosting two livestream hangouts showcasing Arma 3. Both events are scheduled for 5:00PM UTC (3:00AM AEST), with one streaming this Saturday (1 June), and the second on Saturday 8 June.


The first livestream will feature Mission Designer Thomas Ryan, along with several other Arma 3 developers who will give a basic tutorial in scenario editing. This will utilise some of the weapons and vehicles from the upcoming Arma 3 Beta.


The second livestream will consist of a playthrough of the brand new Combined Arms showcase mission, which is also scheduled for release in the Arma 3 Beta.


Both livestreams can be watched from the official Arma 3 channel, and will take place at Bohemia Interactive’s headquarters in Prague. The development team will be more than welcome to ask questions during the stream via chat or Twitter.