‘Blizzard All-Stars’ renamed to ‘Heroes of the Storm’

Blizzard have announced that their upcoming MOBA has been renamed to Heroes of the Storm.


The announcement was made via a teaser video uploaded to YouTube this morning, with the video being a short animation from Jon Burton of Carbot Animations (well-known for creating the Star Crafts animated series). The description of the video reads, “Yep, we’ve changed it again. Set aside whatever you think you knew about Blizzard All-Stars, and get ready for what’s brewing at this year’s BlizzCon.”


BlizzCon is a games convention hosted by Blizzard to celebrate and announce the latest across their three main franchises, Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo. This has also been the third name change to Blizzard’s MOBA, after the first title ‘Blizzard Dota’ ran into legal issues with Dota 2 publisher Valve in 2010. The title was then renamed to ‘Blizzard All-Stars’, a nod to the original Warcraft III Dota title, Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars.


This year’s BlizzCon will take place in the US in Anaheim, California from 8-9 November. Details on gaining access to the live stream can be found here.