1TB Xbox One Announced, Updated Controller Revealed


Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One will soon be available with a 1TB HDD, along with a refreshed controller and a PC adapter.

The 1TB console will cost $549 AUD and goes on sale locally from 24 June. In addition to the console, the Xbox One controller has received a minor revision with an added 3.5mm audio jack. This will allow for all types of gaming headsets to be used, along with the ability for the headset to be configured directly through the Settings menu.


The revised controller will start selling soon for $79.95 AUD. If you’ve taken a liking to the camouflage designs that Microsoft have done previously for their controllers and headsets, the new controller will also be available in a limited edition Covert Forces design from 24 June for $89.95 AUD.


Been wanting to use your Xbox One controller on a PC without a cable? Microsoft have finally revealed a Wireless Adapter that will be compatible with Windows 10 systems. The adapter will release later in the year for $39.95 AUD.


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