Wargaming APAC Season Finals – Re-Cap


The Wargaming APAC Season Final have come to a close, with EL Gaming emerging as the champions of the season.

The event was hosted and broadcasted at the ESL Studios in Sydney, and we were on-site for the whole of the event. Four teams competed in the APAC season final this year, being:

The event kicked off with two Semi-Final (first to seven) rounds, the first being Team Efficiency competing against EL Gaming. While Team Efficiency gave it a decent effort, EL Gaming won the round 7 to 2.

The second Semi-Final round saw Meltdown going head-to-head with B-Gaming. Although Meltdown were initially in the lead, B-Gaming claimed the victory with a score of 6 to 7.


This left us at the Grand Final with B-Gaming facing off with EL Gaming. Throughout the final, the score stayed neck and neck with both teams competing hard for the championship. EL Gaming, however, broke through the even scoring over the last couple of rounds and winning with the final score at 7 to 4.

The prize pool total of the season final was $100,000 USD; 1st place took $50,000; 2nd, $25,000; 3rd and 4th, $12,500 each.


The season finals were fantastic, and with Australia now having its own ESL Studio, we hope to see more local eSports tournaments in the near future.

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Many thanks to Wargaming for providing us the opportunity to cover the season finals.

Brendan travelled to Sydney as a media guest of Wargaming.