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Interview with Chiefs ESC at IEM Sydney

During IEM Sydney we were able to grab an interview with Alistair “aliStair” Johnston (pictured 2nd from the right) from Chiefs ESC who answered a few questions about The Chiefs recent performance and the future of Australian CS.

So the Chiefs was seen as the upset team in the group stage of IEM Sydney. First dispatching fellow Australian team Renegades and then taking North out of IEM Sydney entirely. Do you feel like this is the year of the Chiefs in Aussie CS?

aliStair – I think absolutely, this is the year for the Chiefs. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves from this event and how to practice more beneficially. Look, last year I do think Tainted Minds wiped the floor with the Aus scene, they took out every event and good on them but I do believe that Chiefs in 2017 this is their year.

Following on that, do you feel like Aussie CS is in a good place at the moment? We have some amazing players with the likes of Renegades and Winterfox playing over in the US but we are so far away from those scenes.

aliStair – I mean obviously we want more interaction with other countries and other teams and all that but I think gradually, every year the Australian scene is progressing more and more and even if it’s not as rapid as we would like it CSGO on the grand scale is becoming crazy. I mean AFL is looking into eSports now which is amazing to see. I think we would like to see Aussie CS get a little more exposure from other countries.

Is there any special routine The Chiefs or you personally have to get yourself pumped up for a match? Practice strategies, head to the Gym, have a beer perhaps?

aliStair – So usually if we getting are pumped for a match, we will practice weeks ahead of the games but on the day it’s mostly aim praccing and we are talking a little bit of the time but most of the time we have music going really loud in our headphones but we get warmed up from that and that pumps us up. You’ve got your best mates playing next to you and it’s honestly amazing and you’re just so fired up, looking for the win.

So Valve has made some questionable changes to CSGO in recent times to the point where the Negev is currently banned at IEM Sydney. Do you feel like Valve needs to connect more with their players or does it not affect you at the pro level?

aliStair – I mean, to be honest there’s only a few key weapons that actually get used at the pro level, I don’t think that the Negev is that important. It could be 2 grand or 5 grand it won’t get touched even if it was allowed. I don’t think that it’s really an issue at this point.

Yea, it’s maybe more of a troll weapon and used in matchmaking?

It’s definitely more of a bad manners type move. If you’re up 14 – 0 in the first half of a match you might use or buy XM1014 to BM the other team but other than that it’s not going to be used.

Finally, we have SK going up against Faze in the grand final up on stage, do you have any predictions on the winner? Who is going to take it out?

aliStair – I mean, both teams are so amazing and watching them play is absolutely phenomenal. I think SK are really hungry for the win. They haven’t won much after picking up “felps” other than CS Summit really but that’s not that huge of a tournament it’s more of a fun one but obviously the players still take it seriously. I think SK have been looking really dangerous this tournament, as well as Faze don’t get me wrong but SK are going to show up in the Final, play a hell of a game and take it out 3 – 1 against Faze.

Thanks to aliStair and the Chiefs for taking the time out of their day to speak with us.