GTA V Companion Applications


Considering GTA V is the ‘flavour of the month’ right now due to it’s HUGE release, it seems only fitting that a company like Rockstar would go that one step further to release Companion Applications to run alongside the biggest Entertainment launch in History. What are these Apps I hear you ask? Well in actuality there are 2 Applications being released, the first of which is entitled iFruit and is designed to hook directly into your GTA V experience, the second is the digital Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual which you can think of as ‘the manual that should have been included’ featuring details on most everything. What’s the kicker? Absolutely nothing! They’re completely free.

The GTA: iFruit application features Los Santos Customs as well as Chop the Dog.


  • Los Santos Customs – The Los Santos Customs applications was designed to offer players freedom to create their ultimate dream vehicle within GTA V no matter where you are. It even has the facility to create and reserve customer license plates for both GTA V and GTA Online (you’ll want to order your personalised plates before they go!). You can choose from paint jobs, window tints, smoke colours, wheels, hoods and spoilers. The option to upgrade your engine, brakes, exhaust, suspension as well as accessorise with new lights, horns, tyres and body armour. You’re able to place your order on the go and then you’ll find it waiting in your garage the next time you jump on and play GTA V, or alternatively if you’re already in game you can send through your order and get a call from your local mechanic to swing on by and pick it up. Everyone who’s anyone has had work done in Los Santos, don’t be the odd one out.


  • Chop the Dog – Remember your old Tamagotchi? Too long ago? How about Pokémon? Think of the Chop the Dog application as tending to your very own virtual pet, that virtual pet of course being ‘Chop’ who is Franklin’s canine sidekick in GTA V. Look after him well within the application and you’re sure to be rewarded when you next play as Franklin in-game. Pet him, feed and water him, play games like fetch or tug-of-war, teach him new tricks but be careful because too much or too little of an activity will cause Chop to become unhappy and believe me, nobody likes an unhappy Rottweiler. Take Chop on walks, defend the ladies, fend off gang members and protect the beach babes of Los Santos from those unsightly tan lines by removing their bikinis.


As you’ve most likely seen, the printed booklet that comes in the game case doesn’t have much information at all, primarily this is due to the fact that as GTA V is the biggest GTA game to date, the information literally could not fit within the old style printed booklet. Instead and considering the worlds foray into the digital era a massive (over 100 Pages) digital application for smartphones, tablets and desktops entitled Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual has been released, for free. This application has everything from essential and practical Game Controls, Features and Credits info to a full on tour through the activities and local shops/brands in the game. Best of all, a special digital version of the game map to zoom in and explore in detail with an interactive legend to browse neighbourhoods, points of interest and just about anything else throughout the entire world of Los Santos -or- Blaine County.


Both applications are available for free download on iOS and/or PC and Mac with the other platforms and devices (Android and Windows Phone etc) coming soon.


The iFruit Mobile Application
Now available for iOS devices at the App Store.
Coming soon for Android devices via Google Play as well as for Windows Phone, PlayStation Mobile and Vita.


Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual
Now available for iOS devices at the App Store and as a desktop application on PC and Mac.
Coming soon for Android devices via Google Play and Windows Phone.


*Information sourced from Rockstar.