E3 2017 Features

Progress Bar’s E3 2017 Bingo Bonanza

E3 2017 BingoFor E3 2017 we thought we would have a little bit of fun before staying up late, consuming a lot of caffeine and covering all of the conferences in detail. We pooled our resources together and created 6 bingo cards which include our predictions for the main conferences on display this year. Some are serious predictions which are all but officially confirmed and others (like Aisha Tyler  being tackled by security) we decided to throw in there for some extra flavour and fun.

Whether you’re a bingo veteran or this is your first time playing along at home, the objective is to fill in as many of the squares in each block as possible. Use our predictions or make up your own, but make sure you have fun doing it. Good luck, enjoy E3 2017 and check back with us to get the full run down from each conference.