E3 2017 Features

All Announcements from the E3 2017 Nintendo Spotlight

Nintendo BannerThis is it! The final conference for E3 2017 and what better way to wrap it all up then with a Nintendo direct, now dubbed the Nintendo Spotlight. Possibly because it was a shorter offering than what we were used to with only a 25 minute long run time. Let’s see what was announced this year. If you want to watch the Spotlight yourself, click HERE. At the start of the Spotlight there was a sizzle reel that included snippets of Rocket League, Fifa 18 and Splatoon 2 coming to the Switch later this year.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Developed by Monolith Software, Xenoblade Chronicles has a new story based trailer with exploration elements and some flashy turn based combat. They are doubling down on the fact that the game will be out in 2017 so were are looking forward to them following through.

Available on Nintendo Switch – Holiday 2017

Kirby for Nintendo Switch

We have a new 2D co-op Kirby game that’s just called Kirby. Maybe this is a working title? You’ll be able to copy abilities and team up with 3 friends to defeat a variety of foes.

Available on Nintendo Switch – 2018

Game Freak are currently developing a core pokemon RPG title on Nintendo Switch. No further details have been released except that it will take at least another year to develop so stay tuned.

Metroid Prime 4

Now in development for Nintendo Switch. No further details have been announced though. It was the teasiest of teaser trailers imaginable with only a logo to show off.

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch

Yoshi is coming to Nintendo Switch. A few gameplay snippets here and there make it look like a very similar version to the WiiU game but with a different textured art style.

Available for Nintendo Switch – 2018

Fire Emblem Warriors

Developed by Koei Tecmo, Marth and friends are back once again to face an evil dragon. Clash with legions of soldiers and fierce monsters as Marth, Xander, Corrin, and other Fire Emblem heroes unleash over-the-top-powerful Dynasty Warriors-style moves.

Available on Nintendo Switch – Fall 2017 (Spring 2017 in Australia)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Adding another console to the list and featuring in almost every single E3 conference this year is Skyrim, soon to be available on the the Nintendo Switch. The Legend of Zelda items will also appear in the Switch version of Skyrim when it releases.

Available on Nintendo Switch – Holiday 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC

DLC Pack 1 “Master Trials” includes: Trial of the Sword, Master Mode, Hero’s Path, Travel Medallion, Korok Mask and eight new armors. More information on DLC Pack 2, “The Champions’ Ballad,” will be released at a later date. There are also 4 New Breath of the wild Amiibo coming out later in 2017.

Master Trials – DLC Pack 1 will be available – 30th June 2017.

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

This was previously shown off at the Ubisoft conference where Shigeru Miyamoto and Yves Guillemot were posing on stage with arm blasters. This time around Yves discussed the game some more and showed off some additional gameplay.

Available on the Nintendo Switch – 29th August 2017

Rocket League

This seems like a great move from Psyonix and Nintendo. Rocket League for Switch will still include all of the same game modes as the previously released version and will also include cross-network play, local wireless setup games and Mario and Luigi customisation items. There are also exclusive cars coming to the Switch version.

Available on Nintendo Switch – Holiday 2017

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo finished up their Spotlight this year with the highly anticipated release of Super Mario Odyssey. This time around we get to see a variety of new locations including hat transitions into different enemies and world objects that allow Mario (and his hat) to explore each level and the core kingdoms in different ways. Nintendo also started playing the game straight after the Spotlight video in their Treehouse live stream. Check that out over HERE.

Available on Nintendo Switch – 27th October 2017

Conclusion (by Kochie) + Bingo Bonanza Result

Well that’s everything from the E3 conferences all wrapped up in a nice little package. This Nintendo Spotlight was a lot quicker than expected. With a short 25 minute run time with an abrupt end after Super Mario Odyssey I was a little stunned but they moved straight into the Nintendo Treehouse live stream which is nice to see. Unfortunately we can’t cover all of that because it will go for hours and hours but tune in yourself over here. There seemed to be a lot missing from the show (which might reflect in the bingo results) but most importantly, there wasn’t a Monster Hunter XX western release date announced which a lot of people were expecting. Maybe the focus is on Monster Hunter: World for now (which I’m completely fine with). This was a decent full stop on the E3 conferences this year but I can’t help but want a little more from Nintendo in the form of Mario Maker, Smash Brothers or maybe an F-Zero game.

Nintedo Bingo Result

With the short run time of the Spotlight it’s easy to see we failed here in the Bingo Bonanza result with a measly 5/25. Maybe there will be some more information coming in the Nintendo Treehouse live stream and I’m hoping we will be able to fill in a few more squares. That’s it for the E3 conferences for 2017! The team will have their wrap up comments and final thoughts at the end of this week so stay tuned for that.